Friday, November 14, 2008

It lives - trying to kill ideology

I wish that politicians would forget about a conservative or liberal "ideology". Ideologies are of necessity preconceived notions and are ill-suited to fixing the mess we are in. Lets scrap all ideologies, Republican and Democrat; recognize them for the Frankensteinian monsters they are and just focus on what works, regardless of the ideological lable put on it.

I almost feel sorry for the Republicans in trying to return to the "ideals" of conservatism. They should free themselves from the cookie-cutter molds of low taxes and small government. The real question is what level of taxation are we willing to bear to fund our overseas adventures and social programs, parks, clean air and everything else. What kind of government actually works? Stop trying to get a Frankensteinian monster cobbled together out of ideology, religion, and plain ego from preventing us from creating a better country.

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